Meet Damian Bess, Montgomery Blair junior and new LULAC National Vice President for the Youth of the Northeastern Region!

damian bessGapBuster intern Daniela Velasquez spoke with Montgomery Blair High School Junior and LULAC member Damian Bess about his involvement in the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), his recations to his election of National Vice President of the Youth for the Northeast Region, and some of his plans and aspirations.

DV: How did you first get involved with LULAC?

DB: I got involved with LULAC through flyers posted throughout Blair High School. With the encouragement of my family I joined LULAC.

DV: What was your first conference experience like? Did you expect to have a held a national position so quickly?

DB: The first conference I went to was great! The seminars were full of relevant, inspirational information beneficial to almost everyone. Lessons were learned that could not be learned in a classroom. Not to mention I became the new National VP of the Northeastern Region! With the New York conference being the first conference I’ve been to, I was new to the concept of having a position on the youth board. The opportunity to be on the board was there so with the help of my council, I took the opportunity. It’s definitely going to be a learning experience for me.

DV: Are you involved with any other school activities?

DB: I just recently joined the Student Government Association and hope to obtain an executive position my senior year.

DV: What are your career goals?

DB: My first goal is to progress through high school and determine my major to narrow down possible career paths.


Congratulations, Damian!

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