Lauren Whitaker

I am one of the original members who started with GapBuster Inc. in 1998, I was just in the 2nd grade.  In 2003, I became a certified Peer Educator for HIV/AIDS with GapBuster Inc. I have had so many amazing opportunities due to my involvement with GapBuster;  I have traveled overseas to countries such as South Africa, Mexico, and Bahamas to give presentations on HIV Prevention. I have exercised public speaking in front of the County Counsel and The Board of Education. As well as enhance many leadership skills throughout my life academically, socially, and psychologically.

Currently, I am the Office Coordinator and the new Leaders In Training (LIT) Coordinator at GapBuster Inc. I am studying Healthcare Services Management with a minor in Diversity Awareness at UMUC. I am excited to dedicate myself to helping high school students reach their full potential. I know firsthand how impactful the LIT program can be on a child’s life and I am honored to be in this new position.

“GapBuster’s changed my life and with that great impact I will go change the world”–Lauren A. Whitaker

Michael L. Green, Jr

Mr. Michael L. Green, Jr. is a native of Desoto, Texas, and is the director of GapBuster’s Building Scholars for the Future Program, located in Riverdale, Maryland. Michael brings to the GapBuster family a very diverse background regarding youth and education as evidenced by his work with parents, students, and educational colleagues of all demographics.

In 2011 Michael graduated from the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, affectionately known as A&T, and although he majored in accounting, most of his time was spent working and volunteering in juvenile detention centers, group homes, and early middle college programs. Following his tenure at A&T, Michael worked but for a short time in the field of accounting but ultimately found his true calling to be education, and returned home to begin working for the Texas Public School system.

Since this life-changing revelation Mr. Green has received his masters in Special Education from the University of the Southwest. In addition to this accomplishment he has also been able to gain experience as a certified 6th grade math instructor, educational grant manager, and motivational speaker as a result of the creation of his very own speaking firm, Motivational Goals. During the summer months Michael doesn’t take time off, but rather spends it providing logistical guidance to teams dedicated to providing educational conferences and cultural awareness opportunities to high school students all across America. Michael is very passionate about his work with young people and their families and looks forward to continuing his commitment and dedication with GapBuster.

Margaret O’Connor
Youth Program Assistant
GapBuster Learning Center, Inc
Margaret O’Connor is one of the original members of GapBuster. She attended GapBuster at Forest Knolls Elementry School. Margaret O’Connor graduated from Northwood High School in 2009. In the fall of 2009 she attended McDaniel College and in 2013 graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She worked at Macys from December of 2013 through May of 2015. Margaret is thrilled to work with GapBuster as a youth program assistant at the Montgomery County office.


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