GapBuster, Inc. Staff


Dr ButlerYvette Butler, MD
Executive Director

Dr. Yvette Butler is a native of California and Founder and President of GapBuster Inc., a non-profit educational enrichment program established in 1999 in SIlver Spring, Maryland.

Designed to close the academic achievement gap and raise the achievement bar for students Kindergarten to 12th grade, GapBuster, Inc. has reached more than 700 students in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland. Dr. Butler has worked diligently to ensure equity in Montgomery and Prince George’s Public Schools between students and staff.

Arriving to the Washington, DC area from New York in 1995, Dr. Butler worked at Howard University’s ACTG as the Study Coordinator and Co-Investigator for 4 years. She was directly involved in providing HIV education and prevention to Howard University’s allied health students and other health care providers. Dr. Butler has extensive knowledge in HIV/AIDS treatment, clinical trials, and patient management as well as developing and implementing educational programs. In addition to her HIV/AIDS knowledge, she has been involved with new and investigational medications for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disorders.

Dr. Butler serves as the LULAC Maryland State Director and a member of the Board. She is also a member of UMD Community Research Advisory Board (CRAB) as well as several other non- profit organizations. Additionally, she serves as the Montgomery County NAACP Parents’ Council Chair and is a faculty member of the National Minority AIDS and Education Training Center (NMAETC) located at Howard University. In April 2014, Dr. Butler was a keynote speaker for the National Honors Society at Wheaton High School.


Nesreen Ilham Hill
Youth Programs Director

Nesreen Ilham Hill, program coordinator Prince George’s County office, is the founding member of GapBuster, Inc. She has been part of the GapBuster, Inc. since second grade, where her confidence within herself was able to flourish. She has served as the PG program coordinator for a year to foster an enriching environment. Her management, business, and interpersonal skills have tremendously developed with this new position. Also, GapBuster youth have taught her that patience is the key to success and you can never stop learning especially from children. Furthermore, Nesreen hopes that being the leader to GapBuster, Inc. will allow her to successfully manage a business and continue to work avidly with the GapBuster youth.

Ms. Simmons
ELA Professional Developer


Sergio Cabrera
Youth Program Coordinator, Montgomery County Staff


Sergio Cabrera currently works in our Montgomery County (MOCO) location, but originally became a part of GapBuster as a fitness instructor in 2013 as part of our summer STEAM program. Knowing that children love to be physically active with physical activities as long the activity is fun; Sergio introduced the GapBuster, Inc. students to new styles of fitness, sports and physical activities such as Muay Thai, Boxing, and Ultimate Frisbee. Sergio also saw an opportunity to expand GapBuster, Inc. from Prince George’s county to Montgomery country, and is now the MOCO Youth Program Coordinator. He hopes to establish a physical education program for MOCO students and also increase outreach for Teen Health Expo. Sergio’s fitness and physical activity program has allowed GapBuster, Inc. to expand from not only providing services that enrich the lives of our youth academically but also provide the means to be physical active and encourage a healthy life style.

floretta lawson

Floretta Lawson
ESL Instructor
Ms. Lawson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education from the University of Maryland. Ms. Lawson is currently enrolled at the Anne Arundel Community College to become a Maryland State Certified ESL Instructor.

Ms. Lawson was a high school teacher in the Harford County Public school system for seven years. She then joined the Xerox Corporation in April 1984, where she is now an Office Solutions Analyst. Ms. Lawson has taught Workforce Development classes for government grant programs and GapBuster Inc.

“Teaching ESL has become a passion and quite an enjoyable teaching opportunity. It is very enlightening to see the dedication and determination of the students.”

21st Century Community Learning Center Staff

Tayib Jahna
Math Instructor

Mr. Jahna instructs middle school students in the 21st Century Learning Center and STEAM summer program in Mathematics. He holds a Masters degree in Animals and Poultry Sciences and credits towards a phD in sciences. Additionally, he has trained in many applications. Mr. Jahna was a lecturer at Gambia College on subjects including animal disease, animal husbandry and poultry science. He was a lecturer from 1983-1995. In 1974, Mr. Jahna came to the United States and taught for 17 years as a high school teacher in Washington, D.C. Some of the many course he taught were chemistry, physics, biology, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, special education mathematics, business and finance and environmental science. In March 2014, Mr. Jahna joined GapBuster to instruc students in the 21st Community Learning Center. He says he would love to integrate a curriculum to make students comfortable and prepared for their work at school.

Narasimha Chappa
Math Teacher 

Narashimha Chappa fulfills various teaching roles at the GapBuster, Inc. including math and SAT prep. He has worked for GapBuster, Inc. for many years, which has led him to expand his responsibilities to many different subjects. Working at GapBuster, Inc., Inc. has led him to value patience and different creative interests. He was able to tailor his original teaching style to expand to the different ways of learning by the GapBuster, Inc. students. He hopes that his efforts in teaching will allow a larger amount of GapBuster student to enter and be successful in college.

Margaret O’Connor
Youth Program Assistant, Montgomery County office

Margaret (Meg) O’Connor is the youth program assistant for the Montgomery County office and was also one founding member of GapBuster, Inc. She has been a student of GapBuster, Inc. since the third grade where she able to establish a strong connection with Dr. Butler and other students. Meg has worked as a youth program assistant for 8 months where she is able to use her psychology degree to work with kids and teens. Currently, at GapBuster, Inc. she helps with tutoring, event planning, and community outreach. Overall, the students have truly lightened her world and have taught her to be more humorous. She hopes to giveback to the community and help students the same way Dr. Butler helped her when she was a GapBuster student.

Travon (Trey) McMillian

Travon (Trey) McMillian works as a teaching assistant for the Prince George youth program for two years. He heard about the amazing work GapBuster, Inc. does from the PG program coordinator, Nesreen Butler. Originally, Trey was hired as a mathematics teaching assistant but his responsibilities have now expanded to Include transportation and an elective called In the Booth. In the Booth shows the students the wonders of music production and inspires the children to take an interest in music. The GapBuster, Inc. students have a large impact on his life specifically they led him to switch his major from electrical engineering to education. The children have also Increased his positive thinking since their ambitious to learn gives him hope for the future. Trey hopes to grow with Gapbuster and apply his new discoveries to future career in high school education.

Binta Mouansie

Binta Mouansie, the program assistant for the Prince George’s office, has been connected to GapBuster, Inc since 2004 where she was a member of the Leaders in Training Progam. She continued to participate with GapBuster, Inc. through out high school. After college she realized GapBuster, Inc. would be a great place to connect with students and joined the GapBuster team as an employes. GapBuster, Inc. has also taught her a variety of lessons such as every generation has a different focus and it is the teacher’s responsibility to tap into their focal point so they can learn. She hopes to create lasting relationships with staff members and expand GapBuster, Inc. specifically, she envisions GapBuster, Inc.’s explanation into schools and other communities

Ernest Frimpong

Ernest Frimpong was born and raised in Ghana and West Africa. He migrated to America where he allowed his musical talents to flourish and grow. He heard about the mission of GapBuster, Inc., Inc. through the Dr. Butler’s new husband Ekourba Yeboah. And as Mr. Frimpong discovered a program focused on enriching disadvantaged, Mr. Frimpong knew he had to help. Now Mr. Frimpong has worked at GapBuster, Inc. for 3 months as an African drumming teacher and transportation coordinator. In a just a short time, he has learned a great deal from the GapBuster, students. An example of the new things learned from the students of GapBuster, Inc. was children love to learn about new things especially current events in the world. Furthermore, Mr. Frimpong hopes his African musical heart will inspire the children to learn more about Africa and teach their friends about a different culture.

Rubi Perez- Howard

Rubi Perez- Howard, the Administrative Assistant, heard about GapBuster, Inc. from the University of Maryland extension program which is housed in the same building. Overall, GapBuster, Inc. has allowed her to improve her time management skills and master a new level of patience. Rubi hopes to have a rewarding professional experience where she creates long lasting relationships with staff and students.

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones has worked as a Math Teacher within the Prince George’s County Public School system for over eight years. She created a strong connection with Dr. Butler through a program at William Wirt Middle School. Thus currently at GapBuster she teaches math to middle school children and instructs older students in GED preparation. Over the years, she has learned that every child essentially wants to learn. However, if the student exhibits any misbehavior during learning, it is due to the student’s insecurities. Thus it is the teacher’s responsibility to give the child a safe place where he/she can reach their fullest potential. She hopes that an even larger amount of her students will pass the GED and succeed further in life.


Maurice Willis
Science Tutor

Maurice Willis , the newest GapBuster, Inc., he wants to make a difference in the children’s lives. Maurice Willis learned about the GapBuster, Inc. through Dr. Butler’s newly wed husband Ekourba Yeboah and the connection with children resonated his heart. He saw the possibility of teaching science to young minds. With over 7 years of teaching experience with a variety of students from gifted, autistic, K to 12, and college; Maurice still hope to learn how to become a better communicator and teacher. Maurice believes that children will always “keep you fresh by keeping you on your toes” due to the new information they expend. Maurice hopes to inspire the scientific minds of the students and help GapBuster, Inc. get more expand to be more organized.

As always, we are grateful to our volunteers for their hard work!


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