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GapBuster STEAM Camp Final Week: Ten80

GapBuster STEAM Camp: Ten80

GAPBUSTER, INC. “Building Scholars for the Future”

Riverdale, MD.  – With classroom tables restructured, students grouped, the afternoon Ten80 elective in the GapBuster STEAM Summer camp holds different scenery than the beginning weeks. As coaches assist students transitioning from one team to another, diverse teams meticulously work on their separate assignments from business planning, public relation and to the mechanical aspect of their Ten80.   The National STEM league project based learning method of Ten80 Education has been structured to fit the six week program of  GapBuster summer camp  with  central focus on imparting  real world application  and STEAM knowledge.

photo 4 (1)

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With one more week remaining students submit their assignments and expand on their research to build on their Ten80 STEAM points.  Six teams have been utilizing all their knowledge through integrations of other subjects in math, science, and language arts to build their critical thinking and their all around cross curriculum knowledge.

photo 3Students have been working with the former Ten80 participant, Soulihe Nida and Engineering Major Travon McMillian. Ten80 class has been receiving professional help in business planning and public relation from CEO & Chief Strategist of KSG Strategic Consulting, Kesi Stribling.  Students have executed their strategic approach in promoting their teams and public presentation. GapBuster Ten80 teams Black Diamond Engineering and All Star engineering have been able to receive the gracious sponsorship of The Coleman’s Group as result of their excellent progress and their originality in strategic public relation approach. All teams have focused on being all around in their project based education with understanding of project management and team collaboration. The GapBuster Ten80 teams are excited and look forward to Saturday’s STEAM Ten80 Competition and more importantly to the 2014-2015 Ten80 Education Competition.

Friday, August 15 – 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Closing Ceremony
Saturday, August 16 – 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Ten80 Race Car Challenge
GapBuster, Inc. invites you to the S.T.E.A.M. Camp Closing Ceremony and
Ten80 Race Car Challenge.
Come celebrate the knowledge, talent, and creativity of our youth. Learn how our
summer camp incorporated all five components of S.T.E.A.M.(Science, Technology,Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

6200 Sheridan Street.
Riverdale, MD 20737



First weeks of Ten80 at STE(A)M Summer Camp, an account

By Soulihe Nida


Students sat in class, mesmerized by the board. With pensive expressions, they raised their hands one by one to answer the questions of Ten80 instructor Soulihe Nida along with Engineering Instructional Assistants Sahan De Alwis and Travon McMillian. Students laughed as they engaged in fun activities to teach them critical thinking and the most significant parts of teamwork.

The first weeks were filled with small exercises to introduce the approximately forty students to one another. They were taught the beginnings of Ten80 curriculum, how it relates to the professional world, and molded their minds to be problem solvers by utilizing all their STEAM skills. Students collaborated through small exercises to understand their personal skill sets.

“The first two weeks, the students were focused on understanding the strengths and their weakness, and teaching them organization,” explained University of Maryland student Sahan De Alwis. “That way, students would know their choices in certain tasks, kids with technical skills would be tasked differently from others, while kids with leadership skills would take on a different responsibility.”

Students went through rules for brainstorming, engineering design process and defining constraints to a project.

“I’ve been able to learn how to look at things differently and think outside the box,” explained 8th grade student Destiny Dureke from College Park Academy.

The student learned the sources of energy and are planning to create a solar powered oven. Students utilize a NASCAR hot wheels set to design a track and run a small electromagnetic powered car.

“I learned to try being creative and original,” said Kimali Brown, a rising 9th grader at Bladensburg High School.

With all the fun, students understand the foundation of Ten80 as being able to cooperate with not only team members but coaches, as they work in a team-oriented atmosphere through race engineering where they learn problem solving fundamentals, how to market their team and how to optimize the mechanical systems of a remote-control car.

Students learn the skills to thrive as professionals through a project based education within National STEM League.

Spotlight on: GapBuster alum and STEAM Instructional assistant Roland White

20140516_154704Roland White is a Maryland native and member of the GapBuster STE(A)M team, acting as an Instructional Assistant.

Roland is a rising senior at Morehouse College and experienced GapBuster for the first time on a California college tour when he was a junior at Bishop Mcnamara High School, from which he graduated cum laude in 2011. He has rejoined GapBuster for the summer program and says he feels inspired by the mission of the organization and the passion of its Executive Director.

GapBuster is “phenomenal,” said Roland, who descrobes his love for kids as a reason for coming aboard. “[The students are] funny, vibrant, learning…there’s something special about that. It’s humbling.”

At Morehouse College, Roland is a Spanish / Political Science double major with a passion for music. He is also committed to sevice, because as he puts it “that’s why we’re here. We’re here to serve.” He describes Morehouse as a unique experience because it is an HBCU (Historically Black College or University).

Roland is weighing his options as graduation at Morehouse looms. Law school, graduate studies, international ambitions…Roland White is grounded in his community and headed for great things.

GapBuster forges ahead with STE(A)M Summer camp

GapBuster has brought new staff into our STE(A)M program this summer! Because of the breadth of subjects and number of electives, we have added some great people to our team. Below is the curriculum that we are adapting for the program.

Summer camp academic and electives:

Academic classes:


Language Arts (English)



Physical activity occurs every day during lunchtime.


Elective classes: Students have 2 elective classes from the choices below. Classes rotate every other day for maximum exposure.

Ten80 Education


Mural Art





On the 6 Fridays from 7/11 to 8/15 there are optional field trips in the Metro DC area and the District itself.