HIV Peer Educator Program

The HIV Peer Educator program is one of GapBuster’s longest-lasting and most successful initiatives. The program educates teens on current HIV prevention techniques, general reproductive health and social drug use. They are also equipped with presentation skills to impart this same knowledge to their peers. Our students gain invaluable self awareness through this type of community engagement. Rewards of this program include: increased awareness of HIV/STD transmission and prevention, promotion of healthy behaviors regarding sex, improved self esteem through community engagement, tons of student service learning hours, opportunities to travel and life long friends.

The training will consist of 10 sessions concluding with a Teen Health Expo in concert with other area organizations and agencies. All training sessions will be lead by experienced peer educators and guest presenters from both the public and private sectors.

Students who complete the program receive a Certificate of Completion. Past Peer Educators have traveled abroad to Africa to share a cross cultural exchange about  HIV prevention and making healthy choices for young people’s lives.