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Maryland 21st Community Learning Centers

GapBuster, Inc is an approved Maryland 21st Century Community Learning Center called “Building Scholars for the Future” that focuses on STEM education. This comprehensive afterschool program offers high-quality academic support, remedial education and extensive family engagement.

Here are students working on a project about the environment, one of many supplements offered to students as part of the program.



GapBuster 21st CCLC Building Scholars for the Future
Searching for members of Community Advisory Committee


1) Represent the community’s interests by providing a voice directly to the GapBuster, Inc. Board and Building Scholars for the Future staff.
2) Provide feedback on specific items, as assigned, to the GapBuster, Inc. Board of Directors.
3) Provide feedback to the staff on 21st CCLC Building Scholars for the Future services and proposed actions.
4) Serve as a body of independent thought when developing feedback to the Board of Directors.
5) To provide such feedback in an organized and ongoing manner through written recommendations.
6) To represent GapBuster, Inc. at a minimum of one outreach event per year.


1) Attend and participate in meetings once a month (average 10/year).
2) Attend a minimum of one (1) Board meeting per year. A standing item on the CAC agenda will determine which CAC member(s) will attend the next scheduled Board meeting.
3) Attend other meetings as may be scheduled during the year, or be required to present findings to the Public Relations Committee or Board of Directors.
4) Attend tours and field trips to various locations and sites of interest to GapBuster, Inc.
5) Read all materials and be prepared to participate in meetings.
6) Fully participate in areas of interest and knowledge.
7) Fully understand that the Board is responsible for setting policy for District operations, therefore action by the CAC are recommendations to the Board and do not establish Policy or directive to staff.
8) Coordinate all activities with Board and Staff.

Organization of the Community Advisory Committee

CAC meetings are facilitated by a chair and vice-chair, elected by the CAC members. GapBuster, Inc. staff will attend meetings to provide appropriate information and record minutes. Goals for each year are set in advance, but appropriate timing can vary and new topics may be introduced at any time. The committee will consist of up to 10 members, all of whom shall serve without compensation and benefits. The CAC shall consist of executive staff, partners, members of the community representing the population and interests. The term of appointment of each member of the CAC shall be for two years, such term to begin January 1. However, the first term of the CAC shall be split into two groups, the first group (5) shall serve for eighteen months and the second group (5) shall serve for two years. Meetings shall be open to the public. Committee Members shall be appointed by GapBuster, Inc. Board of Directors. Two year terms shall be limited to three (3) continuous terms. Committee Members are expected to attend all committee meetings and miss no more than four (4) per year or miss more than three (3) meetings in a row. Attendance will be taken at each meeting and reported to the Public Relations Committee. CAC members attending less than six (6) meetings or missing four (4) meetings may be removed by a simple majority of the Board.


The CAC does not assign work to staff. The Board will take CAC recommendations under advisement and is not obligated to accept such recommendations. CAC members may use GapBuster, Inc. office facilities and office equipment (as available and authorized by the Program Manager) to conduct authorized CAC business. CAC members may resign from the committee by written notice to the President of the Board and Chair of the committee. A vacancy on the committee prior to completion of a term, for any cause, will be filled by an appointment of the GapBuster, Inc. Board Member who appointed the committee member to the vacated position. All appointments shall be ratified by the full Board at the January Board meeting or at the next regular meeting following a proposed appointment.

How are they appointed?

Members of the GapBuster, Inc. Board of Directors appoint positions on the CAC.

How can I apply as a CAC member?

If you are interested in being a part of the CAC you may submit a letter of interest to the GapBuster, Inc. Your letter should include the following:

  1. A statement of your interest to serve on the CAC.

  2. Any qualifications you believe would be of interest to the Board. NOTE: Any other information you would like to share about yourself.

You can mail to
GapBuster, Inc. 21st Team,
in care of GapBuster, Inc.
6200 Sheridan Street, Riverdale, MD 20737

or via email at gblc_office@yahoo.com or fax to 301-779-4253.

Your letter should include the following:

Contact: Dr. Yvette Butler, Executive Director,
(301) 779-4252 Office; (240) 678-5480 Cellular

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