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My name is Beatrice Asantewaa Doku. Doku is my family name, which comprises of my father, sister, and myself. However, I currently reside with my aunt, cousins, and elder sister in Koforidua, while my father stays in Accra. I have only one sibling, a sister named Hannah Madey Doku, who is 15 years old.

During my free time, I enjoy connecting my phone to a Bluetooth speaker and playing music, which I love to dance to. I also spend my leisure time reading storybooks.

I had my preschool education at Glorious Victory School in Accra and continued my education at Effiduase R/C PRI & JHS. Currently, I am in Basic 8A, and my favorite subject is French.

Some of my favorite foods include Jollof rice and noodles, and I particularly enjoy the traditional food of the Gas, called “Kpekple” (also known as “kpokpoi”). It is a kind of food eaten during the celebration of Homowo festival to “hoot at hunger.” Kpekple is typically made with steamed and fermented cornmeal, palmnut soup, and smoked fish. Chiefs usually sprinkle it, believing that the ancestors will be pleased by the offering.

I can fluently speak three languages, namely English, Twi, and Ga. I would like to share some phrases with you: “Me ma wo akwaaba” means “you are welcome,” “Onyame nhyira wo” means “God bless you,” and “Me pa wo kyɛ o, bra yɛn nnidi” means “please come and let’s eat.”

My goal is to become a prominent and successful person in the future, specifically a medical doctor. Dancing is my special talent, and I love watching Nigerian movies and listening to gospel music. My favorite artist is Piesie Esther, and I hope to explore and learn new things about Americans.

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