Welcome to our alumni page, where we will feature some of GapBuster’s brightest stars! We hope you will check back soon to see MORE achievements and words from our organization’s alumni!

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malcolm smiling

Malcolm Clyburn

Malcolm Clyburn graduated from Morehouse College in 2013 with a major in International Relations and a minor in Public Health. Malcolm will be headed to Mozambique for Peace Corps. When he returns to the U.S., he hopes to continue his education through graduate studies.


Cherelle Coleman

Cherelle Coleman

Cherrelle graduated in the fall of 2010 from North Carolina A&T State University. After graduation, she was hired as a Career & Technical Education teacher in Wake County, NC. 2 years later, Cherrelle assisted in piloting the first public all-girls leadership academy known as the Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy, Raleigh, NC.

“I can truly say that I may not have had the relentlessness and perseverance that I have today, if it were not for GapBuster, Inc. and Dr. Butler’s continuous support…I also hope that the young leaders are certainly leading by the examples and footsteps that have been placed before them.”

Jessica Demouy

Jessica Demouy


Jessica graduated from Montgomery Blair High School and is attending UMD: College Park as part of the Gemstones honor program


Kelly Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson received her white coat from Howard University in 2013. Kelly was involved with GapBuster since the sixth grade. What Kelly says about her time with GapBuster:

32c9f528-d4cd-41ee-9d18-87332d0e9553Dr. Butler has been a family friend of ours foryears so I’ve known about GapBuster, Inc. since Dr. Butler first had the idea to start it. I’ve had the privilege to watch the program grow out of her home to all that it is today. I was a part of GapBuster, Inc. from 7th gradeuntil I graduated from high school. GapBuster, Inc. and Dr. Butler impacted my
life in a major way. GapBuster, Inc. helped developed my professional skills and
networking abilities. It instilled in me the importance of community and giving back to
others. The program exposed me to places and people that I would have never
experienced otherwise. When I made the decision to pursue medical school, Dr. Butler
was a mentor and advisor to me, and helped me get to where I am today. My biggest
contribution to GapBuster, Inc. now could be mentorship to students

“GapBuster has impacted my life because it has fostered my leadership skills, shown me examples of the true meaning of community service, and provided a nurturing environment for growth and development.  GapBuster has instilled within me the confidence to strive for excellence and achieve my goals.  I truly believe my experiences with GapBuster have helped me become the first physician in my family.”


Korie Ferguson, Dr. Butler, and Kelly Ferguson

Korie Ferguson (Left)

Korie graduated from Howard University in 2012 and works for the the Smithsonian Museums! She specializes in video content and production.


Graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology and Sociology.

Throughout this remarkable journey she found her true passion.

Roquella Hinds

Roquella Hinds

“With my degrees, I hope to change the way the Criminal Justice system functions; especially relating to adolescents. I strongly believe that at times the system creates delinquent juveniles instead of reducing the number of delinquent juveniles. It is time to change the system from functioning reactively rather than proactively.”

“I would to thank my GapBuster family for investing in my future by believing in me. I received my passport for the future the day I became a member of GapBuster and as you can see, I am still on an extraordinary journey. I can honestly testify that GBLC contributed to my success in college and I encourage all of GBLC’s members to take advantage of the program; and it you are not a member, I strongly recommend that you become a member immediately.”


Kristin Holmes

Kristin Holmes

“I was first introduced to GapBuster in 2009 when I went on a California college tour that GapBuster hosted. GapBuster students and Dr. Butler quickly felt like family to me and I remained involved and went on their annual Southern college tour in 2010. We visited Spelman College on this college tour and as soon as we toured the campus, I knew that was where I wanted to go to school. This was during my Senior year in high school and also a couple weeks before the early application was due so I immediately applied to Spelman once I got home. I am now a Junior at Spelman College, and I believe this is the absolute best school for me. If it wasn’t for GapBuster, I would not be at Spelman and I probably would not have understood the importance of finding the school that is right for me. This is just one example of the many ways GapBuster impacted me, including leadership building, and I appreciate GapBuster and all of the opportunity, preparation, and teaching it gives to students. Dr. Butler remains a mentor and supporter to me and I appreciate her presence in my life, and all the other students involved with GapBuster.”

GapBuster encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and travel not only to Atlanta for school, but to countries all over the world like Ghana, Tanzania, and China. GapBuster prepared me for my college80996a5f-3a35-4210-86a9-5b69c3b6bc6a career and motivated me to take advantage of all the opportunities I come across, no matter how big. I am now a Peace Corps volunteer and will begin my service in Ethiopia in the beginning of 2016. Dr. Butler has been a huge supporter in my college journey and now with Peace Corps and I have a lot of my success to owe to her and GapBuster. I always encourage young people that I come into contact with to become a part of GapBuster because I know how beneficial it was and is to me. I no longer live in Maryland but I always want to contribute to GapBuster in whatever ways I can. I still consider it a big part of my life and I want to stay engaged with events and students of GapBuster for a very long time!


Sayi Lindiere


Sayi obtained her bachelors degree in Bachelors of Science in Physiology & Neurobiology from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2013 and is applying35adfde8-f488-4690-abd9-4b1ff964b93a to medical school will matriculate in 2015.

“The education, experiences, and mentorship I received from GapBuster have given me the confidence to pursue a career in medicine. Thank y
ou showing me my own potential — I know I will be an effective physician by what I’ve learned about leadership and the importance of serving your community.”


I heard about GapBuster at Montgomery Blair high school during a fair. I was part of GapBuster for 2 Glenise Mbahyears. GapBuster impacted my life in that I was able to not only tour colleges but I was able to give back to the community by feeding the homeless. I can
contribute to GapBuster by spreading the word about this organization and motivating today’s youth to be the best they can be. Currently, I am a junior at Salisbury University majoring in Nursing.


Camille Meeks

Camille Meeks

Camille Meeks is a graduate of Trinity Washington University where she earned a Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs with minors in Spanish and in Sociology. Ms. Meeks graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.89 GPA) and has been inducted into several honor societies as a result of her outstanding academic performance. These include: Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society, and Sigma Iota Rho National Honor Society for International Studies.

“So many wonderful things to be grateful for, and through it all GapBuster has been there as a motivational force encouraging me to continue no matter the challenges.”

Letitia Mills

Letitia Mills

I heard about GapBuster through Hillary Yeboah in my Junior year of high school. She has been involved with the organization for a long time, so she invited me because GapBuster needed more members. I have been part of GapBuster for at least
5 years. GapBuster impacted my life because I learned about serving my community. One of my favorite activities is serving the homeless on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year Eve. I received President Obama Community Service
Award because GapBuster always reminds me to give back to my community. I can contribute to GapBuster now by enhancing our mission which focuses one educating, empowering and elevating our generation and the ones to come.


Amely Monterroza

Amely Monterroza

Amely graduated from Towson University in 2013 and works as a case manager for the Crisis Center of Prince Georges County

“I had such an amazing time at GapBuster. I learned a lot about myself, the staff and the kids. The program was fun and interactive. I have so many great memories of GapBuster. There was never a dull moment!”


Amely and Heather Monterroza

Amely and Heather Monterroza

Heather attends college and works as a medical assistant


Eloise graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park



amir nasser

Amir Nasser


Amir graduated from Morehouse College in 2013.





John Orr is a proud alum of the University of Pittsburgh. During his time there, he majored in Industrial Engineering and was able to study abroad in Uruguay, work on a house for a refugee family of seven with Habitat for Humanity and to start a National Society of Black Engineers Junior Chapter (which in their first year was given best NSBE Jr. Chapter in the Northeast region). John made Deans List several times, was accepted into graduate school, completed four internships and skydived.

John Orr

John Orr

“GapBuster has sharpened my skills academically and made me more marketable.  With their SAT Prep program, I was able to increase my SAT scores tremendously, to the point that Maryland, Morehouse, and Penn State accepted me. GapBuster Leaders-in-Training and Peer Educators Program trained me how to be safe from diseases, how to be a gentlemen, and how I could be a stronger leader in the future. The increase in scores and the programs that I was a part of aided me in receiving scholarships that paid off a little more than half my tuition freshman year.

Without GapBuster Learning Center, I don’t believe I would have been set up for all these opportunities. This is a great program that I would recommend to all students, who want an extra push to excel in their studies or to become a more well rounded person.  They push you to excel in and out the classroom.  I would have a completely different future if it weren’t for GapBuster Learning Center, Inc.

I would not have been able to do many of these activities if it were not for the open-mindedness, philanthropic values and leadership skills that GapBuster, Inc. has instilled in me since the sixth grade. I have decided to give back to GapBuster, Inc. what has been given to me; in doing so, I have taught a robotics class for the summer enrichment program, chartered a National Society of Black Engineers Junior chapter, and co-planned the 10th year Anniversary.”


Albert Ramey-Speed


“The GapBuster, Inc. family has been as much of an influence to my life as my immediate family. I am a senior political science major and a communications minor at Morgan State University. I have eternal thanks to Dr. Butler and her staff.”



Luis Rosales

Luis Rosales


I first heard about GapBuster through my involvement with LULAC. As the State Director for Maryland, Dr. Yvette Butler worked closely with us. I saw the amazing work that was being done by the organization and was quickly drawn to help. I have been working with GapBuster for three years. I was involved as a High School student for one. GapBuster taught me the importance of reaching out to our underserved minority population and empowering our generation through education. Because of GapBuster, I am actively involved in the Montgomery County community. I will continue serving on the board, assisting with endeavors, and recruiting my peers to events like the Teen Health Expo and the Holiday Dinners for those in need. I am currently attending Georgetown University as a Jack Kent Cooke transfer scholarship Recipient.


Christopher Cherrie


I first heard about GapBuster when I joined the Wheaton chapter of NSBE Jr. I learned about the bigger organization
that made the program possible for us. I was a part of the NSBE chapter for my junior and senior years of high school, so
two years. GapBuster exposed me to a larger group of successful, ambitious engineering students. I took part in team challenges where I had to learn new programs and processes to achieve a goal. I was also able to travel to places I’ve never been such as Indianapolis and Nashville, Tennessee. I met a lot of great people, had fun, and learned new ways to be successful in both school and my
future career. As an alumni, I can come back to help teach new members what I learned in my experience. Also, now that I’m in college, I can help prepare current GapBuster students for what’s to come at the collegiate level.


DeJa Soliman

DeJa Soliman


DeJa graduated from Morehouse College in 2013.



Marisela Tobar


Marisela graduated from Montgomery Blair high school and is attending Trinity University



I heard about GapBuster in the sixth  grade. GapBuster taught me to become
a leader and change agent inside and outside the classroom. I heard about
Daniela Velasquezgap buster because Dr. Butler is a close family friend. I have been a part of
GapBuster since the sixth grade. Gap buster has transformed my life by
molding me into the young leader I am today. I learned about HIV/AIDS
awareness and how to serve as a younger ambassador through their
young ambassadors program. Not only that but I was able to apply what I learned in a completely different continent, South Africa. While I was in the seventh grade, I also served as an HIV/AIDS Peer educator in various educational institutions. What I can do to contribute to GapBuster now is to always go back and continue to serve my community and give them the same
3288f223-e6fa-4539-aa64-b68fc03a83a1opportunities that GapBuster provided for me. Currently, I am a sophomore at Towson University majoring in biology with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. I have started a LULAC council and recently became a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, incorporated. I have become more involved with my academic by seeking research opportunities. I am proud to say that I will be working at the NIH over winter break and summer. Thanks to GapBuster, I know how to approach certain situations and how to make the most of it. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Butler and her staff because without them I wouldn’t be the ambitious young lady I am today. Thank you GapBuster!


Hillary Yeboah

Hillary Yeboah

“Since I was young, GapBuster, Inc. has pushed me to do the best, not only in school but also in the community. I want to THANK everyone, starting from Dr. Butler to Nesreen to the rest of the staff. And I wanted to let everyone know that I definitely think of my great times in GapBuster, Inc. even here at Cornell University.”

The Leaders-in-Training program is  more than just an educating [program] – it’s a strong family that I’m grateful to be a part of.




Vivian Yohannes

Vivian Yohannes

Vivian Yohannes is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, where she majored in Government and Politics. Vivian participated in a variety of internships including working in New York City for Lava Records – a record label under Universal Republic – as well as the US Department of State. Vivian hopes to continue her love for music in her professional life.

“I want to thank GapBuster for instilling my LOVE of traveling at such a young age.



Hanna Berhane

a16e6878-3b66-424e-aa11-ecf526cca83d I first heard about GapBuster, Inc. when I was a sophomore in high school. GapBuster, Inc. sponsored the first National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Jr branch in my school. I joined NSBE and GapBuster, Inc. that year and have worked with them until my high school graduation. As a member of GapBuster, Inc., I have had the opportunity to meet some very motivated, intelligent people as well as the opportunity to volunteer in the community. Being a member of the GapBuster, Inc. sponsored NSBE group has also provided me with leadership opportunities from which I have learned a lot. As an alumni, I look forward to mentoring high school students in GapBuster, Inc. as they go through the college application and transition process.



Micheal Mekonnen


I heard about GapBuster in my  sophomore year in high school. I believe I learned about it from one of my teachers, specifically in the
context of ACT-SO. When I heard about ACT-SO, I was immediately
excited to participate in it. In my junior year, I participated in the
Mathematics competition, and in my senior year I participated in
Computer Science, in which I was very happy to win the National
Gold Medal. I was with GapBusterfor 2 years, my junior and senior
years in high school. Participating and eventually winning a Gold Medal in ACT-SO with the help of GapBuster was immensely impactful for me. I went to MIT and graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. GapBuster was impactful in the path I’ve taken in that, firstly, it introduced me and helped me to win ACT-SO, which made my resume stronger. Secondly, and more importantly, ACT-SO allowed me to exercise my passions
at an early stage, before even reaching college, so I became better aware of what I
wanted to study in college. I, unfortunately, live in New York at the moment, so I am a
little bit removed from the GapBuster office. In the coming years, I would like to be
able to serve as a mentor to new participants of ACT-SO and help them as much as I
can. Further down the road, assuming the conditions allow it, I would like to make
monetary contributions to GapBuster as well.

Yamundow Sarr

b174a306-7fd2-4eae-a5e1-040885a24d1aI first heard about GapBuster when my
brother joined, & I have been a part of
GapBuster since I was about 5. GapBuster
has exposed me to many things such as
college tours, STD/STI health education, as
well as building and tailoring leadership
skills. I am currently in my last year at
Towson University with a concentration in


Fresia Blanco

Fresia Blanco


Fresia Blanco
Fresia graduated from Montgomery Blair High School and is attending Towson University




Malik Bivins

Malik Bivins

Malik Bivins
Malik Bivins is attending Saint Leo University in St. Leo, Florida.





Damar Bess Jr.

Damar Bess Jr.


Damar Bess Jr.

Damar is attending university of Maryland, College Park Smith Business School



Saileu Sarr

bb2d03c6-40fc-40a4-99a9-4b82182157f8I was first introduced to GapBuster in 2001, when I was a
5th grader attending Forest Knolls Elementary School. And
since have been an active member with the program, volunteering at
local food drives, clothing giveaways, acting as a guest
speaker, counseling at summer camps and I currently
mentor/teach during the after school program. GapBuster placed
an emphasis on exploration, thinking and learning. Education
took place in as well as outside of the classroom by way of traveling
and field trips and other unique and interactive activities. A family
environment was established way back when, which made it easy to
return to the program after finishing school in order to
contribute. Many kids attend the program, and just as I looked up
to and modeled after the older counselors when I was a 5th grader, the tables have turned, an now I am acting as the role model for the younger kids. Helping them see that the after school program is a means of preparation, an investment for their
future. We as young adults bridge the gap with the youngers and assist them in
developing productive learning habits, and character traits in the present, while
relating how the work they are engaging in now will positively impact their futures. As
of now while I am waiting to hear back from physical therapy schools I am developing
a movement education program for youth with mental disabilities as well as a senior
fitness class for those in the DC metropolitan area

Soulihe Nida (Swale)


I was first introduced to GapBuster, Inc. in 2012. I became more familiar with
GapBuster, Inc. I attended and met people of the
organization during my first feed the homeless
event during that year’s Thanksgiving. I have been
part of Gap Buster, Inc. for almost four years. I have
had the opportunity to be involved in many ways as a
Wheaton High School student. I was introduced
to National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and be able to be engage in different level in my community. As a youth, GapBuster, Inc. helped me come out of my shell and develop as a leader. It gave me the opportunity to explore and pursuit a passion, for me was the fields of STEM and as a leader. I was able to be involved by being civicly engaged to my community .  I have traveled with GapBuster, Inc. and the exposure and networking in conferences  has
prepared me to becoming aware of what I have to do to succeed after college. I will
continue to come back and speak with young youth to guide them to positive
influences and help prepared them for the future ahead of them. I want to
be able to volunteer at GapBuster, Inc. at events and continue to be involved in as much ways as I can.



GapBuster, Inc was brought into our community center at Rock Creek
Terrace Apartments. We had already established a teen focused group
where we would meet Friday nights to engage in community activities.
With the help of our advisor, we were able to become a part of GapBuster. I
an active member of GapBuster was since the ninth grade. Even now I still
call myself a member from still being able to receive newsletters and
maintain strong ties with Dr. Yvette Butler, CEO. I was able to serve as
President of the GapBuster Leader’s  in Training program for four
consecutive years. GapBuster, Inc. made the expected college, an  attainable and realistic goal. My full scholarship to Ohio State University would not have been achieved  without the full support and
development GapBuster brought to  me and many of my peers. GapBuster provided me with the opportunity to become engaged in community service, academics, and personal development. I can
truly say, after my parents, GapBuster had become my backbone of success. Last, I wholeheartedly believe that the amount of effort you put in being a part of the  GapBuster family will show long term in your passion and endeavors. Currently, as a  college student, I believe it is not too soon to get involved. I am eager to seek  opportunities that I can participate, whether it’s chaperoning, helping at service
events, or even coming in to speak to the current youth of GapBuster in order to pass
on my knowledge and experience with GapBuster and college. GapBuster has given to
me like none other and I know in my heart that I will be giving back as soon as the
opportunity arises.

Malik Smith


I first heard about GapBuster in elementary school. Obviously I wasn’t making many decisions on my own then, my mom heard about it from another parent at
the school. I was consistently in GapBuster for about 7 years. During my run I was involved with Leaders On Training, and participated in HIV/AIDS peer
education, going as far as travelling to South Africa with a group to do service there. The program set me on a path academically early on, and has resulted in
me pursuing a career in Engineering. The exposure to advanced math & science was critical preparation. Without it engineering may have been out of reach.
Now I can give back by offering tutoring or mentorship. It’s important show kids they are capable, despite what they may have been told. I am currently working on securing a contract with an engineering firm




Leslie Aquino

Leslie Aquino

Leslie Aquino graduated from DuVal high school in 2013 and attends Prince George’s Community College. According to Leslie,
“Being a part of GapBuster has been wonderful. It has been a great influence on me as well as my family. Now I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a Respiratory Therapist at Prince George’s Community College thanks to the help of Dr. Butler and her staff.”




Victor Tyron Kyle


I heard about GapBuster, Inc. from National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and I heard about NSBE on an announcement in
school sophomore year, and that there was free food. I was part of GapBuster, Inc. from sophomore year 2012 to senior year
2015. GapBuster, Inc. gave me leadership opportunities and helped me build teamwork skills. I can come back to motivate kids to go to college and expand their lifelong opportunities. I currently attend Air Force Preparatory Academy in Colorado

Biniam Asfaha


When I first heard about this program was
back in 2010 during my ninth grade year. I
remember during that time I was trying to be
part of any program that would accept me so
I could be a part of something bigger. I heard about this program called GapBuster through my
community center that brought them to us. I
was a part of GapBuster from ninth grade in
2010 to tenth grade in 2012. GapBuster impacted my life greatly by teaching me the importance of having an
education that could potentially open doors for me in the near future. Also, they showed me that networking is a good thing to have because you never know when you
are going to ask in for a favor or even obtain information that would be vital in your life in the near future. what I can do to personally contribute to GapBuster is by telling those who are entering high school to join this program and by doing that they can
help keep GapBuster an operating program in moving towards their goal. I am
currently a student at Montgomery College in Rockville and I am planning on
transferring to a four year university after I finish up my two years in Montgomery
College. I have decided that I want to major in Public Health and to continue onto
medical school.


203c1986-8782-4ce2-9ecc-db3612ac348d I heard about GapBuster, Inc. in  first grade when my mom decided to sign me up because she thought that  I could greatly benefit from
GapBuster, Inc. I was in GapBuster from 1st grade through about 9th
grade GapBuster, Inc. greatly impacted me in a positive way for
several reasons. First being that I learned a great deal academically
from the tutoring sessions, which helped me excel in school. I also  benefited from meeting all different  kinds of people, which made great
friends through GapBuster, Inc. I  have become a more well-rounded
individual from the various trips I took with GapBuster, Inc. Lastly I
became a better leader from the Leader In Training program I was
exposed to through GapBuster, Inc. To contribute to GapBuster, Inc now, I could speak to potential students interested in GapBuster, Inc. and emphasize the importance of  the organization and how it can make a positive impact on lives everywhere. Right now I am finishing up my Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A&T State University. I have already accepted a job offer for next summer with Lockheed Martin at the Southern Maryland naval base. I will be acting as an aeronautical engineer doing flight test for the new F-35 fighter jet.

IF YOU ARE AN ALUM WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE FEATURED HERE, please send a photo with an update and/or quote to We would love to include you!



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