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GapBuster, Inc was brought into our community center at Rock Creek Terrace Apartments. We had already established a teen focused group where we would meet Friday nights to engage in community activities. With the help of our advisor, we were able to become a part of GapBuster. I an active member of GapBuster was since the ninth grade. Even now I still call myself a member from still being able to receive newsletters and maintain strong ties with Dr. Yvette Butler, CEO. I was able to serve as President of the GapBuster Leader’s  in Training program for four consecutive years. GapBuster, Inc. made the expected college, an  attainable and realistic goal. My full scholarship to Ohio State University would not have been achieved  without the full support and development GapBuster brought to  me and many of my peers.

GapBuster provided me with the opportunity to become engaged in community service, academics, and personal development. I can truly say, after my parents, GapBuster had become my backbone of success. Last, I wholeheartedly believe that the  mount of effort you put in being a part of the  GapBuster family will show long term in your passion and  endeavors. Currently, as a  college student, I believe it is not too soon to get involved. I am eager to seek   opportunities that I can participate, whether it’s chaperoning, helping at service events, or even coming in to speak to the current youth of GapBuster in order to pass on my knowledge and experience with GapBuster and college. GapBuster has given to me like none other and I know in my heart that I will be giving back as soon as the opportunity arises.



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