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How GapBuster impacted your life: Gapbuster has impacted my life since the day I learned about it and quickly got heavily involved. I went on a Southern college tour with Gapbuster at a time when I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go for school and was not very excited about college. Once we touched base on the campus of Spelman College, I instantly fell in love and rushed to submit my application just a couple weeks later. I am now a Spelman alumna and so grateful to Gapbuster for exposing me to this institution and other HBCUs that we visited. I have remained involved with Gapbuster since that first college tour and have been involved with numerous volunteer initiatives that Gapbuster hosts. I will also soon get to see and help with GapBuster in Ghana! Dr. Butler-Yeboah has been my mentor for over 10 years and she has been involved in all of my education and career stages since high school. She has encouraged me to travel far, reach high, and to really think outside of the box. Thank you Dr. Butler for your leadership and your example to go after your heart’s desires and allow your purpose to lead you. I am eternally grateful to Gapbuster and so glad that it exists in this community and abroad!
What are you doing now? I am now working at Health and Human Services as an Analyst with the Disaster Response COVID-19 initiative.


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