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Work in a project management role at an investment firm and continue to run programs with and scale the Heart of Tabitha Foundation

Nearly eleven years ago, I was taking SAT classes with GapBuster, Inc. to prepare for the college application process (early!), and 19 years ago, I joined GapBuster Inc. as a first-grade student- a choice that would set me on the path to success. Three years ago I graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts in two fields, International Relations, and Music, and as one of 26 members of Colgate University’s Konosioni Senior Honor Society. I was selected for the leadership and academic excellence I have displayed on Colgate’s campus and in the surrounding town of Hamilton. GapBuster programs led by Dr. Yvette Butler-Yeboah fostered these leadership skills and commitment to high academic achievement in me, and many other students from our state, at an early age. Programs such as Leaders in Training propelled us in the direction of positivity and productivity.

At age 16, I had the vision to start a non-profit organization, Heart of Tabitha Foundation, to help young women, specifically. Dr. Butler and GapBusters, Inc. have supported this organization tremendously as a partner, connector, and advisor for me throughout the organization’s growth process. I’m grateful for the way GapBusters, Inc. has guided and uplifted many young people, including me. As the saying goes, and I’ve known it to be true, GapBusters breeds excellence!



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