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My name is Eric Baah. I come from a family of seven, which includes my mother, Madam Paulina Dortumor, my father, Mr Kofi Baah, and my four sisters. My siblings’ names are Annabel Enam Johnson (30 years), Emelia Dortumor (25 years), Jennifer Baah (12 years), and Belinda Baah (10 years).

During my free time, I enjoy playing football and riding my bicycle. Reading and drawing are also some of my favorite hobbies.

I attended Effiduase Roman Catholic Basic School and currently in BS 6, but I am entering BS 7 (JHS 1) in the next academic year. My favorite subjects are math and science.

Rice and stew, Jollof rice, and Banku with okro stew are some of my favorite foods. I would also like to introduce my host parent to Akple and okro stew, which is a traditional dish.

I can fluently speak English, Twi, and Ewe languages. In Ewe, “Ewoezoe” means “Welcome,” and “Akpe” means “Thank You.”

My ambition is to become a bank manager and an entrepreneur. Playing football is my talent, and I love listening to dancehall music. Black Sherif is my favorite artist, and I enjoy watching action movies.

I would love to visit interesting places like the zoo, the White House, and malls. Additionally, I would like to learn how to use a remote control to control robots and other gadgets.

(301) 779-4252
Eric Baah


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