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My name is Godwin Migbordzie, and I am a proud citizen of Ghana. My father’s name is Mark Kwasi Migbordzie, and my mother’s name is Mary Donkor Migbordzie. Migbordzie is my family name, and we are an Ewe family that comes from the Volta Region.

I have two siblings, one older brother named Emmanuel Migbordzie, who is 16 years old, and a little sister named Victoria Mawuna Migbordzie, who is 2 years old. During my free time, I enjoy playing football, and basketball, reading books, and listening to music. I like to play football with my friends in the community and read books.

I started my schooling in 2015 at Effiduase Roman Catholic. Currently, I am in JHS 1 and will be entering JHS 2 in the next academic year. I find Science and Maths to be the most interesting subjects as they can take you anywhere. I have many favorite foods, such as Jollof rice, plain rice, and fufu. Akpele is a traditional dish from my culture, which is made from corn powder and can be eaten with okra stew or chili pepper. It is very delicious when eaten with okra stew.

I am fluent in two languages, English and Twi, which is a Ghanaian language. In my native language, some of the phrases or words are “Medekuku,” which means please, “Akpe,” which means thank you, and “Babanawo,” which means sorry.

I love watching horror movies that are very scary and creepy. My hopes and expectations for the upcoming exchange experience in the USA are to visit museums, join the chess and science club, visit the White House, and go to a football park.

While I am in the USA, I would like to learn how liquids are mixed to get something in the science club, experience playing basketball, learn more about the White House and the museums, attend classes, and experience the way of life in the USA.

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Godwin Migbordzie


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